AppyHand Applications Privacy Policy (last update : 20th April 2015)

1. Google Play Store and purchases through Google Wallet.

When you purchase an application or an item with Google wallet, Google provides the merchant with the country and postal code of the buyer.
Google does not provide any other information to the merchant.
AppyHand does not retain or share this information in any way.

2. Error reporting.

In order to continuously improve the quality of its applications, AppyHand may collect data using the Google Analytics service.
This data includes : This data is transferred using SSL and stored securely on Google Analytics servers.

AppyHand uses this information for the sole purpose of improving its applications.
AppyHand does not share this information in any way.
AppyHand does not collect silently any personal identification information (example : email address, IMEI, IP address, etc).

3. Your acceptance of this privacy policy.

If you use an AppyHand application, this means you accept this privacy policy.
If you do not want to accept this privacy policy, then you must stop using AppyHand applications.

4. If you have questions about this privacy policy.

Please contact us at :